Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Reminder from Losing a Thing that Saves

It’s so unfortunate of me to lose my flash disk that contains all my important files. Most of my personal writings and important articles downloaded from the net, including the memorandum sent by the NHQ were all stored there. Then all of a sudden, it’s gone. I might have left it in the office and picked up by somebody, slid it on their bag and belasmax, gone! Or it might have slipped off from my pocket while I was riding my motorcycle going home. Not that I really abhor the feeling of materially losing it: God knows that I really don’t mind losing the material. It’s the content that matters most. Most things that you make wrought with personal significance can hardly be given up. Just like a gun for a soldier amidst bombardment, the content of my flash disk serves likewise.

You probably understand how it feels to lose a part of you, never to be retrieved again, save only a miracle man finds it and return it to me after decoding my address from the profile’s of millions from the net. I have no choice but to let go and start all over again.

Silly as a dog, but this reminds me of something. (If you believe that tragedy leads to a better end, then this is one credible testimony.)  After burying myself from the piles of paper works and reading materials, making position papers and statistical outputs from them, I couldn’t bother to pause and think, “Hey, you ought to be careful you might lose something.” And I really did after all. I lost my flash disk, and worst, I lost the moment of taking care of it. I lose the compositions, the paragraphs, the sentences, the words, and the letters – all of which constitute the importance of my flash disk.

But there is bigger thing than this. Something more significant: It’s Holy Week and I shouldn’t be losing a bit of my soul. That’s the bright side: yes, I lost my USB only to remind me that I may lose my soul if I don’t pause and reflect on the important details in my life. If a soul is a thing, then most of people must have dropped it on the subway. I’m glad that it isn’t. It is far important than anything. Its, the very essence of existence that defines how can we be so related to the Creator. The body may resemble that of the material side of the USB, yet the soul is the most important of all – and I wouldn’t want to lose it. Perhaps, you feel the same too.

Or possible, let the soul finds a home where it can be retrieved and float in eternity the way files are saved in Google Drive. Save the soul in a sure and safest storage – Let that be God. And lest that is quite difficult, always pause to remind the self: “Hey, I ought to be careful or I might lose the big thing.”

P.S. In case you find my flash disk (2008 Imation, color red, with flipping cover, with a 4- Gigabyte capacity and contains informative articles and compositions - one of which is Feet and Balls: History of Iloilo Football that I wrote with my wife in sheer research pleasure), please return it to me or PM me. Of course, that’s just me hoping. Haha. Bless your soul and have a significant Holy Week everyone.

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