Friday, March 29, 2013

The Mighty Pen

In the course of years, when wood signaled for the dawn of civilization and later on replaced by stone to survive the age; when intelligence crept in with progress and iron was dug out of the sand, sheathed in a skin from a slain victim; when humans explored the lands and crossed earthly bridges to control nature, like deities in flesh, and to indulge in wars to proclaim tribal dominions; when smoke arose in the sky and rivers turned black from white and noise grew louder in tribes of black, white and brown; when history invented papers and ink and etched its record day by day; when machine revolted, chig-a-chag-a-chog aginst human labor slow in speed; when intelligence bloomed in age to fashion codes and letters for global order be done - such things, more than the blade, is mightier to deem as pen held of the rest to speak, “I am but mightier than sword and history knows why.”

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