Sunday, April 14, 2013

Bless my Soul for This

While cleaning my drive of clutters, I found out what I have written years ago about our class book at the training camp - A super foolish Acknowledgement. Haha! Though the whole span of training was agonizing, thinking of silly things was proven to be very effective in hurdling all the abuses inside the boot camp. One of these is the one that follows. It makes me think that while it is true that the body can be made into a soldier, the brain remains for the fool. So here it is:

This class book is not possible without the valuable support of the following persons and things that were never acknowledged before by other classes:

1. To Ts Pasquin and Socong for their dedication to finish this class book despite the odds. Had it not been for their commitment to work beyond the usual hours while the rest enjoy their remaining days before graduation, this might not have been pursued.
2.To Ts Rubio, Cabuslay and Jacobe for their valuable support of lending their laptops for the completion of this project. We couldn’t imagin finishing this project without your super speedy laptops that made things easier.
3.      To T Rasco for his expertise in computer matters. We would have gotten lost without your help in various computer technicalities.
4.      To Officer Leander N. Sumampong for his valuable help and constant reminders to finish this project ahead of time. However we fail to do it, we nonetheless made it to the deadline, Big Brother.
5.      To our beloved Director, Administrative Staff and ATD Staff – thank you for everything. You have never failed to inspire us to be competent in all the things we do.
6.      To T Manglapus for keeping the spirit alive. Your leadership is beyond compare. You rightfully deserve the Leadership Award. Kudos, Pres!
7.      To T Legario for his diligence in keeping a clean environment for us. You always know that a clean place makes the brain stimulates faster. Rest assured your name will never be omitted in this page and you will be dully remembered by anyone who curiously read this.  P.S. He also knows where all the floor scrubs are hidden.
8.      To Ts Paluga, Pańares, Seno, and Mapang for making this training far less boring. With your wicked jokes and indispensable punch lines, you make things easier for us despite so many trials. P.S. How could you possibly pass the neuro test?
9.      For T Salapang. You make printing possible for us. Great!
10.   To T Balictar for preparing our beds while we cram for the final deadline of this project. We hope it will go on even after this project is done.
11.    To all members of the JBRC Class 174-11 who contributed in various ways, thank you.
12.   To Nescafe 3 n 1, Kape Puro and Kopiko for keeping as awake most of the time; but not too much to the brink of transforming us into zombies.
13.   Choco Mucho – how can we forget you? You melt perfectly in the mouth.
14.   Rebisco of all flavors – you make rainbows in our stomachs.
15.   Mang Inasal for catering our gluttonous behavior during WEP.
16.   Our hands - lovely! We couldn’t have written anything without your mechanical appendages. We hope to change the world using these too.
17.   For our brains- Hmmm... Let’s say you keep the motor running, don't you?
18.   Mineral water for the drinking spree everyday and every night. Mentally it could make you high sometimes. Just sometimes.
19.   COOP-though we were nearly broke because of you, you nevertheless failed to lure us back even after usual meals.
20.  Randy David, Conrado de Quiros, Jessica Zafra, Bobit Avila – for your columns fellows. Ah, we couldn’t say better than thank you for filling our lost minds when we were totally blocked out from the outside world.
21.   To all we failed to mention here, God knows we are very grateful for all of you. And he also know "who does" not contribute anything.

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